First Fridays

First Fridays is an Outreach Mission that provides a hot meal to everyone on the first Friday of each month.  This is the perfect outreach ministry for those who want to build stronger relationships with the larger McConnellsburg community, who want to share their love of cooking for others, who seek to see everyone well fed, and who desire to make a direct difference in someone’s life.  First Fridays is an excellent way to share your faith in Christ with others who might be feeling lonely, hungry, and hurting.  This ministry shines God’s hope in the world around us.  You will encounter people from all walks of life at First Fridays and we like it that way, a place at the table for everyone.
There is no cost to you.  It is free!  We do accept donations, however, which are in turn are put right back into the community through various outreach ministries.
If you would like to volunteer for First Fridays, please contact our Church Office at 717-485-4815 or fill out a Volunteer Contact Form.